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A Day Out for Boys from the Development Home

Day out for orphan boys

A day out for boys from the development home

On March 8 about 20 boys from the development home (basically orphans) on the other side of the lake were treated to a full day at Shiny Lakeside Resort. Even though they live on the lake most had never been on the lake – we gave them all r…See More — at Shiny Lakeside Resort.

mar-8-boys-boat01 - Copy

mar-8-boys-boat02 - Copy

mar-8-boys-boat05 - Copy

mar-8-boys-boat07 - Copy

mar-8-boys-boat09 - Copy

mar-8-boys-boat10 - Copy

mar-8-boys-boat12 - Copy

mar-8-boys-pool01 - Copy

mar-8-boys-pool02 - Copy

mar-8-boys-pool06 - Copy

mar-8-boys-pool08 - Copy

mar-8-boys-pool09 - Copy

mar-8-boys-pool11 - Copy




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