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New menu additions will included selected Thai food

One of the cooks has experience with cooking Thai food so we are  adding a limited Thai menu to the existing menu at Shiny Lakeside Resort. We have selected about 15 traditional and loved items and now are tasting to make sure they meet standards. Menu likely to include:


Crab, prawn, and fish cakes made from locally sourced seafood;


Crab cake example – will add real photos later


Chilled grilled fish salad made with grilled snapper, fresh mango, tomato and cashew nuts;

Spicy and sour seafood salad – with prawns, calamari, fish and seasonally crab


Chicken and coconut milk soup – Tom Kha Gai



Thai spicy and sour shrimp soup – Tom Yum Goong – with local ingredients; IMG_1425

Chicken Dishes:

Thai Green curry with chicken – Gaeng Khiao Wan Gai


Stir Fried Chicken with Fresh Ginger

Seafood Dishes: 

Garlic Calamari

Green curry with prawns and Calamari

Pork Dishes: 

Red Curry with Pork

Pork Satay – Moo Sataythai-pork-satay-bangkok


Pad Thai with local shrimpthai-noodles-pad-thai-02

Yellow noodles soup with pork, prawns or chicken


All served with Thai Jasmine rice 

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