Our Menu..

We shop locally for the best and freshest seafood, vegetables, meat, and spices in order to serve you the best meal possible.

Fresh Juice

Banana JuiceRs. 325.00
Papaya JuiceRs. 325.00
Mango JuiceRs. 325.00
Pineapple JuiceRs. 325.00
Lime JuiceRs. 325.00
Lime SodaRs. 325.00
Passion JuiceRs. 325.00
Mixed JuiceRs. 325.00
Avocado JuiceRs. 325.00
Wood Apple JuiceRs. 325.00


We make a variety of tasty milkshakes made with fresh locally grown fruits and ingredients and fresh milk.

Fresh Juice

Daily we buy local fruits (in season) at the market for only the freshest and best tasting fresh juice drinks.

Soft Drinks

We have available both local and international brands of soft drinks.

Hot Drinks

The world famous Sri Lankan tea is of course available in addition to Sri Lankan filtered coffees.


Taste some local desserts and fresh fruit plates or try our version of international deserts.


Try a delicious lassie, a popular, traditional, yogurt-based drink. Lassi is a blend of yogurt, water, spices and sometimes, fruit.


Enjoy a western style breakfast with fresh fruit and Sri Lankan tea or coffee, or try something different and have a flavorful typical Sri Lankan breakfast.


We serve a variety of your favorite quick and easy to eat sandwiches.


Try one of our special seafood soups or another variety made with local ingredients.

Soup Noodles

Tasty bowl of soup with noodles and fresh seafood, meat or vegetables.


Our seafood cocktails are made with only the finest fresh ingredients; try a cocktail made with local prawns or crab.


One of the house specials, delicious local prawns in many styles and sizes, Try the jumbo or tiger prawns direct from Bird Lake. Maybe you will see the fishermen deliver to the Resort in their small boats.


Locally sourced chicken cooked in Western or Sri Lankan style, tender and delicious.


Try a Sri Lankan spicy devilled version of locally grown pork or have some roast pork and chips.


Fresh and tasty lightly cooked fresh vegetables with or without meat.


Delicious cuttle fish cooked many ways, direct from the nearby fish market.


All crabs served at Shiny Lakeside Resort are from Bird Lake and purchased from the local fisherman. They have a wonderful taste and are cooked as you like. KalapuKakuluwa – or mangrove crab is highly sought after and prized. They need both the ocean and the lagoon waters to survive.


All salad ingredients are fresh and locally grown. Enjoy a crisp tasty light salad with your lunch or dinner.


Rice noodles are served with a variety of main ingredients and special local spices and leaves.

Fried Rice (BASMATI)

Only the finest basmati rice is used in our fried rice. Try a mixed fried rice or one of our seafood specialties, good any time of the day.

Sri Lankan Special

Try the local rice and curry dishes including; vegetable chicken, fish, and dhal, served with chutney, papadam and sambol. Enjoy the flavors of Sri Lanka.


All curries are available using local recipes and ingredients. Vegetarian, meat, and seafood curries are all great.


Try this local favorite, you are sure to want more. Kankun, also known as water spinach or water morning glory, is rich in taste and vitamins and other good things, and it tastes wonderful.


Potatoes grown in the upcountry of Sri Lanka are used in a variety of savory dishes.


A variety of egg dishes are available, cooked in a traditional Western style or in a more local and spicy manner.


Traditional spaghetti dishes are available and deliciously prepared.


Ocean fish and fresh water fish caught in the water of bird lake are carefully prepared. Whole fish or devilled or grilled – all are delicious.